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What sort of bride are you?
A fun quiz to see just how laid back you are about your big day.
1.   Your future mother-in-law has picked a gown that is similar to the bridesmaids'dresses. What do you do?
a.  You're not having a bridal party so there are no bridesmaids'dresses to match anyway.
b.  Say nothing. You really do not mind enough to make a fight out of it.
c.  Ask your fiance and bridesmaids whether you should say something before you make a decision.
d.  Buy her a fascinator or jacket as a gift  - it'll mean that she'll look like part of the group, but won't match the bridesmaids exactly.
e.  Tell her that she needs to change her dress.

2.   Your florist calls to tell you that your dream wedding flowers won't be in season for your big day. How do you react?

a.  It's fine, you'll make paper flowers to fill the gaps.
b.  You're not that fussed about the flowers, so you tell her to surprise you on the day.
c.  Panic and spend the next week trying to work out what flowers to use instead.
d.  Pay extra to have the flowers flown in from abroad. This is your dream bouquet after all.

3.   You've heard that your fiance's best man has got a particularly "lively" speech planned. What do you do?

a.  You're not worried - you know that you and your maid of honour will get him back in your joint speech
b.  Decide to just go with the flow and cross your fingers that it won't be too blue.
c.  Worry about it for ages, and eventually ask your fiance to ask the best man to tone it down.
d.  Ask the best man to send you the speech so that you can vet it. You don't want to be embarrassed on your big day.

4.   Which part of the wedding planning are you dreading the most?

a.  Family members asking why you are not having a "proper" wedding.
b.  All the unnecessary details. You would happily go to a register office or elope.
c.  The seating plan and guest list. So many tough decisions!
d.  Having to chase the RSVPs. You're trying to be relaxed about the whole thing, but it is really staring to get on your nerves.
e.  It being over! You only get to be a bride once, and you're going to enjoy every minute of it.

5.   What has your maid of honour organised for your hen party?

a.  An awesome zombie-hunting experience in an abandoned mental hospital.
b.  Nothing huge - a meal out and a couple of drinks in your local cocktail bar.
c.  You have no idea! You've completely delegated it to her because you have too much on your plate already.
d.  A spa day with the family, then a night out with the girls. And you've asked her to keep the strippers away from nan!
e.  You gave her a list of overseas villas to chose from, so you and the girls can jet off for the weekend.

6.   What's your pre-wedding diet and exercise like?

a.  You refuse to change anything about yourself for the wedding - except maybe getting a pre-wedding tattoo!
b.  What on earth is a pre-wedding diet? Does it really exist?
c.  You've tried Atkins, the 5:2 and various others, but you can't seem to find a plan that works best for you. Let's look at meal planning.
d.  You're eating a bit healthier and have signed up for the gym, but you are not going to beat yourself up if you only lose a little bit of weight.
e.  You've hired a personal trainer to whip you into shape for the big day. There's no point in buying the dream dress if you're not going to look perfect in it.

7.   How did you find dress shopping?

a.  You are having your dress made bespoke as you couldn't find anything unique enough.
b.  Fine! You went to a local boutique with your fiance and picked the fourth dress that you tried on. No big deal.
c.  You asked everyone's opinions at least 3 times (including strangers who came into the shop!) and left without the dress because you needed time to think about it.
d.  You had a great time with your bridesmaids, and visited several boutiques before finding "the one".
e.  You couldn't choose between your 2 favourite designer gowns, so you bought both! It's expected to have a costume change these days.

8.   Which of these phrases are you most likely to be overheard saying?

a.  As long as it's not boring.
b.  I don't mind - whatever.
c.  I'm not sure, what do you think?
d.  This should work for everyone.
e.  This is how I want it, and I'll have it.

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