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Many people are often under the illusion that having a Toastmaster is only for very formal weddings. In fact nothing could be further from the truth, and I will be as formal or informal as you wish. Remember, it is YOUR day. I will be there for one thing only, and that is to make sure that the day runs smoothly at all times so that everyone will have a day to remember.

From the moment you have retained me I become YOUR Toastmaster, we will build a relationship and you can contact me whenever you wish.
I have some examples of Father of the Bride, Bridegroom and Best Man speeches if you need any ideas. But I can only make them available to you if you make a firm booking and paid the deposit. I also have some other documents that might help you, such as a Wedding Planner Check List, again this is available after you have made a firm booking and paid the deposit.


My duties will start long before your wedding day itself. I will be available to provide advice and guidance into the organisation and planning of your day, including advising on such things as etiquette and protocols through to timing of events on the day. This is when the expectations and responsibilities are decided upon (the who does what and when). This allows the bride and groom, and their families, to relax in the knowledge that someone will be there to take care of things if the unexpected happens.

One of the key, memorable events of the wedding is the bride’s father (or other close family member) giving that special speech, followed by the speeches of the best man, the bridegroom and possibly the maid of honour. I will give advice on the length of a speech, the content (if necessary), the delivery of the speech and the order in which the speeches are made. On the day, I will be there to be quietly supportive of everyone, especially when things become emotional.

On the day, I will arrive early to ensure that everything is properly ready. I will introduce myself to the other staff members, so that everyone knows that I am the point of contact in case of emergency, or for questions. Throughout the event, I will liaise between the couple, the guests and staff members, including the catering manager, the photographer, the florist, the venue manager and the DJ.

I will be on-hand during the day and specifically as a professional wedding toastmaster I will perform the following duties:

   >   I will arrive at least an hour before the guests are expected or the ceremony is due to start.

   >   Liaise with the Registrars and all hotel staff for all arrangements.
   >   Assist musicians to set up prior to guests’ arrival.
   >   Liaise with photographers and videographers.

   >   Ensure that the guests and bridegroom are in the ceremony room before the bride arrives.

   >   Lead the Bridal Party to the ceremony (if hotel wedding).

   >   Greet the bride & bridegroom after the ceremony with the duty manager & champagne.

   >   Liaise with the hotel staff to ensure that the welcome drinks are ready and on time.

   >   Advise guests where various facilities are situated.

   >   Ensure that the photographer is advised of timings and assist where necessary.

   >   Call the guests to the wedding breakfast.

   >   Organise a receiving line if required.

   >   Introduce and lead the bride & bridegroom to the top table.

   >   Say Grace or introduce a guest to say Grace if required.

   >   Advise guests how and when they will visit the food stations if a buffet meal.

   >   Liaise with banqueting staff for delivery of food, wine, coffee and champagne.

   >   Ensure that all guests are comfortable and are properly catered for during the meal.

   >   Constantly ensure that the bride & bridegroom have everything they need during the meal.

   >   If provided, ensure that the guest book is circulated and that table cameras are used.

   >   Take charge of presents, flowers etc that the bride & bridegroom may be presenting during the speeches and have them on hand at the appropriate time.

   >   Introduce the cake cutting.

   >   Ensure that those giving speeches are prepared.

   >   Introduce the speakers.

   >   Lead the bride & bridegroom from the dining room after the meal.
   >   Ensure the single ladies are ready to catch the bouquet.

   >   Direct guests to other rooms whilst the tables are cleared or moved and assist in the preparation for the evening's dancing.
If you require this additional service, I will also undertake the following (but it does attract an extra charge):

   >   Announce the return of the guests for the evening reception and dancing.

   >   Introduce the bride & bridegroom’s first dance.
Understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations
How about something a little different? I am also the Thetford Town Crier, and I can provide a wake up call to the bride (or bridegroom), and a proclamation as the happy couple arrive at the Reception venue. For more information click HERE to visit my Town Crier website.
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