Fees and Terms & Conditions
The fee charged depends on the type of function, the distance I have to travel and its expected duration. But it is possible that my fees may be lower than other Toastmasters as I am not registered for VAT. I would, however, suggest that my fee is reasonable as an article on weddings, published in the Mail on Sunday dated 15 June 2014, shows that my fee is the cheapest cost in your wedding list, except for shoes, the veil and wedding jewellery oddments.
I am happy to travel to wherever you want me to appear. The fee includes free travel costs within a 30 mile radius of Thetford. Beyond that distance there will be a travel cost, and we will agree that cost at the time of booking. If the travel distance is long (and this is negotiable), you may also incur the cost of an overnight stay. In any event, all this will be discussed before you book, and I will give you a fixed price (but please see "Please Note" below), and so you can be sure that there will be no nasty surprises on the invoice.

My fee is for duties up to, and including, ceremoniously escorting the bride and bridegroom out of the banqueting room after the wedding breakfast. If you require my services after that, then there will be an extra charge.

The quoted fee is inclusive and valid for 28 days, and is guaranteed once the booking fee is paid.

Please Note
I reserve the right to increase the fee payable if, for any reason, the client alters the instructions of the engagement after the booking has been accepted. For example, a change of venue or an extension of hours for my services.
My fees are:
Weddings/Civil Ceremonies
£225, plus overnight costs if required.
If the client cancels for any reason, it MUST be in writing (not a telephone call or an email), and the following charges will apply:

      >   From acceptance of the engagement up to 91 days prior to the event, the booking fee.

      >   From 90 days to 30 days prior to the engagement, the booking fee plus 50% of the balance of the  agreed fee.

      >   Less than 30 days before the engagement, booking fee plus 100% of the balance of the agreed fee.

Engagements are accepted in good faith, based on the information provided by the client, and are deemed accepted only when the booking form has been received, the booking fee paid and acknowledged in writing. The acknowledgement will be sent by both post and email.

The balance of the account is payable no later than 14 days prior to the event, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Every effort is made in good faith to fulfil the engagement, but responsibility cannot be accepted for non-arrival due to circumstances beyond my control, for example, extreme weather conditions, industrial action and the like. In the unlikely event of non-attendance a mitigating refund may be made to the client.

In the event of illness every effort will be made to provide a substitute professional Toastmaster, and to pass on full details of the booking and planning documentation for the event. No additional fee will be payable by the client.
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